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Reagan Ray is the lead designer and resident illustrator for Paravel.

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About Method & Craft

We like to think of Method and Craft as the DVD extras of design: the stories behind the work, who made it, how they did it, and the techniques people have developed throughout their professional career. We all use the same tools, but we use them differently. We strive to educate you on more efficient, creative, and engaging ways to create your design. This site will not only be valuable to creative veterans, but also educational to those new to the design field. It's like looking over the shoulder of your favorite designer.

You'll be able to learn through Articles, Interviews, Videos, and Notes. Articles focus on process and workflow. Interviews let designers discuss their approach & perspective in their own words. Videos show the designer at work, sharing application-specific techniques. Notes are short tips and resource links.

Our hope is that you find Method & Craft a valuable resource, and if you have any ideas for improvement, feel free to contact us.


Aaron Bushnell is a designer and developer born and raised in the midwest. He’s a husband, son, brother, Chicago Bear fanatic, and Jesus lover. You can find him on Twitter, Dribbble, or on his blog. He’s also addicted to salsa, but could stop anytime he wanted to.

Adrian is an Interactive Creative Director and Principal at Pushstart Creative, a multidisciplinary agency focused on the convergence of physical product, interactive technology and brand experience. While much of his current work is focused on research, strategy development, and UX he will always have a passion for pushing pixels. Stop by designtaylor.com or find Adrian on Twitter.

Andy McMillan is a creator of things and the founder of Fiction, a made-up company responsible for Build, a week-long festival, and The Manual, a tri-annual journal, both of which have a focus around designing for the web and who we are as designers. You can follow him on Twitter as @goodonpaper.

Andy is a designer and developer typing some codes at Virb in Dayton, OH. He’s a fan of application design, front-end coding, and the occasional iOS application. When not at work, he teaches web design part-time at the University of Dayton. He loves driving, coffee, driving with coffee, and a good after-work brew. He also makes a mean pasta sauce. Yell at him on Twitter, check out some of his work on Dribbble, or visit his site andyrossi.me.

Ben Cline is a co-founder and designer at Rally Interactive. He is passionate about design, digital experiences, bikes, and the outdoors. You can find him on Twitter @yocline and posting some work on Dribbble.

Chandler Van De Water is a 25-year-old designer in Greenville, SC. He loves Jesus, great typography, and well-crafted beer. When he’s not designing type-heavy art, he’s designing hop-heavy home brews. He is nothing without his beard or his wife. You can follow him on Twitter and Dribbble.

Christian owns and operates Helms Workshop, a design and brand development studio in Austin, Texas. In addition to award winning work for clients including Hasbro, Pabst Brewing and Modest Mouse, Christian has launched a number of independent ventures including Frank restaurant, Standard Grit and We&Co, a new social app with former Coca-Cola marketing head Marc Mathieu.

Dan Mall is an award-winning interactive art director and designer. He is an enthralled husband, Senior Designer at Big Spaceship, former Interactive Director at Happy Cog, and cofounder of Typedia. Dan writes about design on Twitter and on his site, danielmall.com.

With a diverse background in interactive and print, Dave has worked with highly skilled teams to establish and invigorate brands from within. Dave is a UX Designer at EffectiveUI, and when he isn’t scribbling on a white board, he’s nerding out to Illustrator. You can check out his work at www.orderdesign.co.

Erica Schoonmaker is a web & print designer living in San Francisco. She taught herself HTML at the age of 10 and had a love affair with paper in college. By day she works as a web/ui designer, but by night she creates handmade letterpress stationary and enjoys baking cupcakes. Chat with her on Twitter or follow her recent work on Dribbble.

Gerren Lamson is an interdisciplinary designer, illustration and the Chief Creative Officer of Creative Market. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Morgana, with whom he co-founded the printed goods and textiles studio Satchel & Sage. His love of illustration, color, and custom typography permeates all of his creative work. Say hello on Twitter, and find him on Dribbble, and gerrenlamson.com.

With over ten years of industry experience including Art Director at Wonderful Union & Asterik Studio and Creative Director at BKWLD and, Greg relocated from Seattle to Manitou Springs, Colorado, in 2010 to start the creative boutique Must Warn Others. With work recognized by The Webbys, Communication Arts, The Grammys, Print Magazine and PDN Magazine, Greg aims to create beautiful work across multiple disciplines including design, illustration and photography. You can follow Greg on Twitter.

Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain is a visual designer living in Ontario, Canada with his wife and two daughters. He’s the founder of 31Three.com, a small design shop that focuses on providing creative solutions for design-challenged developers. You can follow Jesse on Twitter.

Jessica Hische is a letterer, illustrator, and avid internetter. You may have stumbled across her work because of one of her many side projects like Daily Drop Cap, Mom This is How Twitter Works or her Should I Work for Free? flowchart. She is the self-described “RA of the design world” and discovered recently that she remembers all the words to the Wilson Philips song “Hold On”. You can follow Jessica on Twitter.

Joel Glovier is a designer and developer working at appendTo, a distributed consultancy. In his “spare time” he works on freelance projects, partners with medical nonprofit CURE International, teaches at HACC, and writes. He loves Jesus, his family, making t-shirts, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’d love for you to say hi on Twitter, or visit his site joelglovier.com

John Passafiume is a Brooklyn-based designer and illustrator specializing in hand lettering and aesthetics. He is presently the Senior Designer working with Louise Fili of Louise Fili Ltd, a boutique firm in Manhattan, New York. He can be found on Twitter/Dribbble, or properly at johnpassafiume.com.

Jonathan Moore creates, designs and builds digital experiences and products in sunny southern California. He is the founder of New Ezra, digital culture agency and Style Hatch, hand crafted digital goods.  Read about design, tech, culture and ideas at jonathanmoore.com and follow him on Twitter.

Jory Raphael runs a small design studio in Vermont called Sensible World. He’s the co-founder of Notabli, is the guy responsible for the logo and podcast artwork at 5by5, and is the creator of Symbolicons. He has a lovely wife who is smarter than he’ll ever be and two kids who are following in her footsteps. You can follow him on Dribbble or Twitter or both.

Joshua Blankenship is a curious, capable UI/UX designer living in South Carolina. He loves building elegant solutions for interfaces and social interactions on the web. He has blogs, tweets, dribbbles, answers, and fist fights.

JR Crosby is an Austin-based creative and founding member of Ptarmak, Uncorporated (PTMK)… a decorated designery with a successful approach to brand strategy, packaging design and motion graphics. Ptarmak loves you. Holler@ptarmak.com or Foller them on Twitter.

Kyle Meyer is a visual and interface designer based in Minneapolis. He spends his days helping bring art to the cart at Big Cartel, and his evenings on whatever design project snares his interest such as curating designer products and volunteering as the Director of Interactive Design for AIGA Minnesota. You can find him on Twitter, Dribbble, and at kylemeyer.com.

Kyle is a creative problem solver with a knack for drawing. The desire to CREATE work that is both fun and meaningful is what he is most passionate about. You can find him on his personal site, twitter, dribbble, and browse his sets of hand-drawn vector icons called “Steedicons”.

Lea Botwinick is an interaction designer living in New York with her husband and two little girls (they’re expecting their 3rd this September). She’s passionate about user-centered design principles, family values, and food. You can view snippets of her work on dribbble or her website. She’s also on Twitter, so don’t be shy and say hello!

Luke Holder is Creative Director at Logic & Pixels, a web design and web application company based in Perth, Western Australia. He has worked as an Interface and User Experience Designer in numerous web application projects and across a wide variety of platforms and technologies for over 10 years. He loves to travel and has worked from Singapore to Seattle. You can follow him on Twitter, and find him at logicandpixels.com.au.

Matt lives in Athens, GA with his beautiful wife and 3 amazing kids. He is the Founder and Design Director at Studio Mds. You can follow him on Twitter, Dribbble, and find him at mattdsmith.com.

An experienced Creative Director and designer, Matthew also speaks and writes for the web design community (SXSW, FOWD, .Net Magazine). When he’s not designing, you’ll find him throwing pots, building treehouses for his two young boys, or sipping on a fine Belgian Tripel with his wife Amy. Check out Matthew’s work as Squaredeye and find him on Twitter, Dribbble, Flickr, and matthewsmith.cc

Mike Precious is a Canadian-based freelance designer who’s been around since tables-based design proliferated the web. Mike wears many hats, traversing both web and print design. On the side, he enjoys tinkering with, and playing his Telecaster and tube amps. For some light-hearted enlightenment, check Mike out on Twitter, and his latest work on Dribbble.

Naz Hamid is the founder and principal of Weightshift, a design studio in San Francisco and Chicago. You can follow Naz on Twitter and find him at nazhamid.com.

Noah is a partner and co-founder of the San Francisco web design and development shop, Bold. He shares inspirational and useful links, as well as his infamous Friday Futon series, on his blog and entertains the masses on Twitter. When not working, he enjoys playing guitar, spending time with his wife and two boys and talking trash about the Los Angeles Lakers.

Phil Coffman is the VP of Design at SpaceCraft in Austin, TX, and the founder of Method & Craft. He is the husband to one amazing wife, and father to two incredible kids. You can follow him on Twitter, Dribbble, and find him at philcoffman.com.

Rogie has a unseemly emotional attachment to shiny web things. At his company Komodo, he digs into creating and perfecting icons, interfaces, interactions, illustrations and forging the code that makes them move and captivate the user. You’ll find him frolicking around the web, socializing incessantly and contributing internet goods for the good of the internet.

Ryan Clark is a designer and illustrator from the Heartland of America (Dayton, Ohio). He Creative Directs the small team at Virb as they strive to change the way people build their own websites. When not designing, he’s busy chasing after his son Asher, or relaxing with his wife Sarah and a frosty brew. Follow him on Dribbble or Twitter.

Ryan Duffy is the owner/founder of Indiginus, where he does strategy and design for web and mobile interfaces. His friends call him Duff, people on twitter call him @ryanaduffy, and he created Babywatch for folks having babies.  He lives, works, and dribbbles in Grass Valley, CA.

Sean McCabe is a designer and co-founder of San Antonio based web firm, Bold Perspective. While user interface and branding comprise the bulk of his full time efforts, a fondness for typography and a love of hand lettering fill the rest of his spare moments to the brim. Find him on Twitter and Dribbble where he regularly posts in-progress lettering sketches.

Shyama (rhymes with llama) Golden is an independent artist and designer based out of Austin, TX. She has had work published in Texas Monthly, Austin Monthly, LA Magazine and Cincinnati Monthly to name a few. Her technology loop includes Twitter, Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and process videos on Vimeo.

Simon Walker lives and works in Austin with his wife and stepdaughter, making logos and letters and basically doing whatever he can to stay air-conditioned. He has been with GSD&M since 2002, and you can find his work on Flickr, Dribbble, Threadless, and some blogs here and there.

TJ Taylor is a web / ux designer for HomeAway. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Melody and their triad of offspring. He reads books, collects comics, rides a bicycle and smokes a pipe. He likes to dribbble and occasionally tweets. He will eventually get around to building a portfolio.

Trent Walton is founder and 1/3 of Paravel, a custom web design and development shop based out of the Texas Hill Country whose wife has put him on a font allowance. In his spare time, he writes about what he learns at his blog, and is co-creator of and contributor to TheManyFacesOf.

Yaron Schoen is an experienced interface designer based in NYC. He loves good music, having laughs with his friends and taking long strolls in the park. Yaron also hates writing in third person and is questioning why he is doing so.