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Reagan Ray is the lead designer and resident illustrator for Paravel.

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Interview Icon September 24, 2012

Ben Cline

By: Ben Cline
Interview Icon January 15, 2012

Andy McMillan

By: Andy McMillan
Interview Icon October 24, 2011

JR Crosby

By: JR Crosby
Interview Icon August 07, 2011

Christian Helms

By: Christian Helms
Interview Icon June 27, 2011

Greg Lutze

By: Greg Lutze
Interview Icon June 27, 2011

Shyama Golden

By: Shyama Golden
Interview Icon June 12, 2011

John Passafiume

By: John Passafiume
Interview Icon May 02, 2011

Jessica Hische

By: Jessica Hische
Interview Icon April 18, 2011

Jonathan Moore

By: Jonathan Moore
Interview Icon April 04, 2011

Joshua Blankenship

By: Joshua Blankenship
Interview Icon March 01, 2011

Naz Hamid

By: Naz Hamid
Interview Icon February 28, 2011

Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain

By: Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain