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Blend Tool & Guilloché Patterns

October 03, 2011

Creating your own Guilloché pattern can be a hassle, so I thought I’d share this valuable method to duplicate lines and shapes in Illustrator. This technique has saved me so much time; plus, it’s easy to remember!

Draw two lines in Illustrator with some space between them and select both of them. Go to Object > Blend > Blend Options to select how many repetitions you want to see between your two lines. The primary option I use here is Specified Steps so I can spec the exact number of lines that I want between the original two we made. Alternatively, you can use Specified Distance to express how much room you want to see between the repetition of lines. Make sure you select the Align to Page Orientation mode. Click Ok.

Now, we’ll need to go back in the menu and select Object > Blend > Make to activate the settings we just created, and voila! Your original lines should have repetitions between them based on your settings. The last thing you need to do is expand this repetition with Object > Blend > Expand (or just Object > Expand), then you can change the stroke of your lines and ungroup them if you need to (Object > Ungroup). If you Expand twice, your lines will be come filled.

If you want to play with Smooth Color, make two circles (one red and one blue) and repeat the process above, except using the smooth color option to see a vector-repetitive gradient occur. There are other great tutorials that go in-depth on Smooth Color and the Blend Tool in general if you search for them. Experiment and have fun!

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