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Switching to Paragraph Text

August 22, 2011

Dealing with copy in Photoshop is not something to get excited about, so when a trick surfaces to alleviate that joy, you write it down, take a picture and maybe even tattoo it somewhere…maybe not the tattoo, but you remember it.

When working with documents used by other people, or if you were asleep, you’ll sometimes get blocks of text that are manually hard returned to fit the space, rather than a resizable text block.

The standard process of selecting all the text, copying, then drawing a new resizable block, then pasting isn’t really that hard, but in Photoshop you can actually control + click on the type layer and choose “Convert to Paragraph Text”. Voilà! You now have a resizable text block without any copy and pasting.

Likewise you can also convert a paragraph text block to a point text block via the same process. This is nothing extraordinary, but a trick I often find useful.

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